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This is our story

It was during the pandemic that a group of technologists, with over 15 years of work experience, founded the non-profit association INNOWA. In 2020, we started as a consultancy to carry out R&D activities. However, a few years later, we had to rethink our Business Plan. We needed flexible working hours for true work-life balance, where our working time would be fulfilling. And we also needed our work efforts to be meaningful and impactful in society and for those around us.

In 2022, INNOWA was reborn, focusing on our own Innovation Projects or for clients in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Environment, Special Needs, and support for vulnerable groups in general.

In addition to projects, we develop tailor-made training workshops, based on innovative and non-formal education. And not forgetting our engineering roots, we provide consultancy services to clients in need of an Equality Plan, proposal development for obtaining public funds for R&D&I activities, or investments.

What makes us unique


Shared accountability





Genta bailando.

To contribute to the inclusion and equal opportunities for individuals with different types of brains and thinking styles, through the promotion of various neuroidentities and support for the neurodivergent community.


Genta bailando.

To create a world where all individuals are valued and respected for their NeuroIdentity, and are provided with the support needed to reach their full potential.


Genta bailando.

Respect, Inclusion, Empathy, Innovation, and Collaboration. We highlight the diversity and unique ways of thinking of each individual, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for every person.

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