MOSILIFE: Supporting learning on Neurodiverse kids

Neurodiversity refers to the natural scarcity in the functioning of the human brain, which can result in learning and/or behavioral difficulties. MOSILIFE is a European project that focuses on supporting children with learning difficulties related to neurodiversity, offering resources and innovative strategies to help them reach their full potential.

MOSILIFE is a project funded by the ERASMUS+ program where INNOWA participates, which not only benefits students, but also offers resources so that teachers can adapt their teaching methods and support the diversity of learning in the classroom.

MOSILIFE is not only a project, but a community committed to the inclusion and support of neurodiverse children and their families. If you are a teacher committed to learning diversity and are looking for new strategies to support your students, MOSILIFE is for you. Find out more and join our mission to support learning diversity in neurodiverse children.

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MOSILIFE: Supporting learning on Neurodiverse kids

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